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Percolation Test Information

1 - Dig a six foot hole near the area where you will be placing the distribution box. This is for the deep hole test where we examine the soil profile identifying any restricting layers. Please cover this hole with a suitable material for safety purposes.

2 - In the area where your leach field will be, dig two percolation holes, 1 foot wide by 2 feet deep (12"wide by 24" deep). Place these holes approximately 15-20ft apart.   These holes must be dug with a shovel, not with a backhoe bucket!! We recommend two percolation holes just in case one of them produces unsatisfactory results. Please cover these holes up as well.

3 - About 24 hours before the test we ask that the two perc holes be soaked with water (1/2-2/3 full). If you are unable in some way to pre-soak the perc holes we would be happy to do it for you.

4- We charge $175.00 with additional charge of $50 per hour (including driving time) past the first hour to perform a perc test. Upon completion of the test we will process the results ASAP.