Please call Chris Andreassen at                    (607) 547-8337 ext. 4 for current 2018 pricing.



AEM Updates

Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps farmers address resource concerns. If you'd like to begin the AEM process please call our office.  


We will be updating our AEM participants contact information list shortly so look out for a mailing soon!



North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative (NAACC)

Ongoing stream crossing surveys data is being collected by OCSWCD staff  




Watershed Study

The Butternut Creek Watershed Assessment is a collaborative effort involving multiple agencies and numerous volunteers to complete a watershed wide assessment in the Butternut Creek Watershed.  




Recycling Agricultural Plastic Program (RAPP) 

We hope to schedule an agricultural plastic baler drop off day this summer. If you have any interest in this program let us know! Details of location and time has yet to be determined.